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What are the items of plastic mold appearance inspection?

After the plastic mold is processed, generally speaking, a comprehensive inspection of the mold is required to confirm whether the mold is complete and whether the processing technology meets the requirements. At the same time, it can also detect whether the performance of the mold is complete. Today, we will focus on the appearance inspection items of plastic molds. How to judge whether the appearance of a plastic mold meets the standards. We can implement it from the following points.

How to detect the qualification of the molding part, parting surface and exhaust groove of plastic mold

Today we are going to talk about how to detect the qualification of the molding part, parting surface and exhaust groove of the plastic mold. The molding and parting type can be said to be the most important parts of the plastic mold. After the mold is completed, the inspection of these parts It is also very strict, and our detection can be carried out from these points.

Antibacterial modified plastics have become the leading raw materials for the 5g industry

The extremely high transmission speed of the 5G network has put pressure on the related communication materials industry. Because of the massive MIMO technology of 5G, electronic equipment products such as mobile phones need to add a large number of antennas, and metal materials will shield and interfere with the signal, so the demetallization of the back cover of electronic equipment will be the general trend of the 5G era.

Standard for inspection of plastic mold hot runner system

The hot runner is to ensure that the plastic of the runner and gate is kept in a molten state by heating. The hot runner system is generally composed of hot nozzles, manifolds, temperature control boxes and accessories. The hot nozzles generally include two types: open type Hot nozzle and needle valve hot nozzle, because the hot nozzle form directly determines the selection of the hot runner system and the manufacture of the mold, so the hot runner system is often divided into an open hot runner system and a needle valve hot runner system accordingly.

The development trend of PC raw materials in April

The PC in the first quarter of 2022 ended in a "solid" trend. Entering the beginning of April, the PC has stopped since then? The answer is - it doesn't exist! It is gold that always shines. After the PC had been dormant for a long time in the first quarter, the frequency of adjustment was greatly increased after returning from the Qingming holiday, stimulated by factors such as early shutdowns, production reduction devices resumed and restarted, and new devices put into production. Let's follow the editor to briefly review the recent trend of the PC market!

How to design the exhaust system of injection mold?

The injection mold is a process of injecting the melt into the mold core by pressure. There is air in the mold core, so after the melt enters the mold cavity, the air must be discharged. In fact, the air in the mold is not limited to the cavity, especially in the three-plate injection mold, the air existing in the runner cannot be ignored. In addition, the plastic melt will generate a small amount of decomposition gas. These gases must be discharged in time.

How much does it cost to open a plastic mold?

Plastic products are produced in batches based on plastic molds. How much does it cost to open a set of plastic molds, and the prices in the market vary. There are thousands, 10,000, or tens of thousands of sets. So how much does a set of plastic molds cost? We are not evaluating this at random, but according to the structure and size of the product. Specifically, we can estimate the following contents.

Which industries need injection molding

Now there are more and more kinds of commodity shapes. Many shapes that are difficult to carve can also be made through processing mode, and even some molds that need to be more detailed can be made. It can be seen that today's injection molding industry has been better developed, and the technical improvements have been greatly improved compared with the previous ones. So which industries need such production technology now?

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